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Dual Control Cars - Emergency and short term car hire

Been Involved In An Accident?





Need a Dual Controlled Car Fast?

  Emergency/Short Term Dual Control Car Rental
Rent from 3 days at Only £35.00 Per Day

(Manual cars only available)
  Free Delivery on rentals of 14 days or more.
(within 50 mile radius of Newcastle Central Station. Or £2.00 per mile collection & return applies

New Car Delayed?





At Dual Control Cars we understand how frustrating and expensive it is to lose the use of your dual controlled car. Those unexpected repairs, accidents and delays could mean disaster for your business. You have pupils who are keen to pass their driving test; pupils you do not want to let down. Think of the money you have spent on advertising to attract them to your business. All your hard work could be down the drain in no time at all.

Unexpected Repairs?





So, why not rent a dual controlled car from us? Whether you are an ADI or PDI, we can get you back on the road very quickly and economically at £35.00 per day, which in many cases isn't even the price of a double lesson. You and your pupils will not be disappointed. It might not cost you anything if you have had an accident, your Insurance Company may meet the full cost.


£35.00 per day.



*(Free delivery and collection applies to 14 day rentals and above. Must be within 50 mile radius of Newcastle upon Tyne Central Railway Station.)

For periods under 14 days or over 50 miles away we charge £2.00 per mile for delivery and collection.

If you live outside of our delivery and collection zone, why not take the train or bus and collect it in person?

  So, do not delay, call us today. Free phone 0800 0855191

  What we require from you 

  (must be produced when rental begins)

Valid ADI/PDI badge

Valid Driving licence (both parts)

Two utility bills dated within 3 months and showing your name and current address

Cover note from your Insurance Company confirming cover on our vehicle

Refundable deposit of £500 to cover any of our uninsured losses +

Any delivery and collection fees

All rental charges to cover rental period.

    + (Details as described in our Terms and Conditions)



  •     We give you 250 free miles free per week (excluding fuel). This is on a pro-rata basis. Excess miles are charged at 50p per mile





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