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Here are some extracts from the many letters received from past pupils:

"Thank you very much for all the driving instruction. Without your help I couldn't have done it!"
(Steven, Newcastle)

"Just a Big Thank You for the expert driving tuition I received at Jowetts. No way on this earth would I have put money on me passing first time, but with your professional tuition I did it. When a friend is thinking of taking driving lessons I will definitely recommend Jowetts. " (John Atkinson, Walker)

"I am writing to express my appreciation for the service provided. The instructor provided was punctual, polite and efficient, and due to his excellent tuition I was able to pass my driving test. I would in future have no hesitation in recommending your company."
(Susan, Wrekenton, Gateshead)

"I would like to thank all your office staff for the friendly help with the booking for my lessons, and thanks to my instructor who made me feel at ease and built up my confidence. I would recommend Jowetts to anybody for a friendly and also low cost service. After looking at a number of other schools in the area, Jowetts still had the lowest price."
(Mr R Horne, Jarrow)

"Just a quick note to say thanks once again for a superb course of driving lessons. I'm absolutely amazed you managed to get me through! You'll go highly recommended to my friends."
(Rebecca, Sunderland)

"I wanted to take lessons
To learn to drive a car,
I booked a course with Jowetts
The best around by far.

And, my Driving Instructor
Was as patient as could be,
And every lesson I had
He re-assured me.

You might consider getting
Into higher gear,
And if I had a panic
He would calm my fear.

30 is the limit
To travel on this road,
And then he'd ask me questions
On the Highway Code.

We'd have to do reversing
And starting on a hill,
And clutch control and junctions
Release the handbrake, Lil!

When coming to a juction
Don't slow down too quick,
Give it a big bus length
That should do the trick.

We could have been away there
If you were not so slow,
After this red car, Lil
Get ready, and then go.

Now you say I'm ready,
You've put in for my test,
I would like to say to you,
Thanks, I'll do my best!
(Lily, Northumberland)

luvlyluvvie Cramlington (

This driving school taught both myself and my husband to drive and I can only recommend them most heartily. I always found my instructor to be friendly, chatty, but helpful and understanding. In the past I had had lessons with another well known driving school and had a very bad experience but this instructor really changed my mind about driving and took my nerves into account. Although it did take me several attempts to pass, that was my own fault, not the driving schools! The instructor always turned up on time and taught in an accessible style - even teaching me things like how to pull into a garage and fill up with petrol!