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Manual Lessons

All special offers are subject to availability. Please see terms and conditions for further details.

Lessons can be taken as doubles or as an intensive course (max 10 hours per week. If you need more hours in a week then please choose the ‘Quick Pass Intensives' Tab)

Any of the below can be purchased as gift vouchers. The perfect present for family and friends

Special Offers: First 2 for £52

(*For customers with no previous driving experience, Saving based on standard rate)

(Available: Weekdays 9am to 5pm)

*First   2 hours for only                            £52.00                         
*First   4 hours for only   £100.00   
*First   7 hours for only £175.00   

*First  10 hours for only






Single Lessons and Block Bookings

1 hour   £26.00 
3 hours      (£26.00 hour)   £78.00                
7 hours     (£25.00 hour) £175.00  
10 hours   (£25.00 hour)


20 hours   (£24.00 hour) £480.00





Intensive Courses     

18 hours   (£25.00 hour) £450.00                  
21 hours   (£24.00 hour) £504.00  
27 hours   (£24.00 hour) £648.00  
39 hours   (£24.00 hour) £936.00